My Top 3 Breakup Recovery Tips

Breakups are life changing to say the least. You actually go through the 5 stages of grief after a BIG breakup (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance).

After my BIG breakup, I was devastated and a shell of myself. Once I allowed myself space and time to be angry, throw a pity party and watch all the sad rom com's I could, these three steps helped ignite my road to recovery.

Tip #1 - EXORCISE YOUR EX ONLINE Stop following them on IG, unfriend them from FB (or take them out of your feed) and stop texting/talking to them. Period.

Boiled down, continued communication and cyber-stocking only fuels the "hope" factor.  It's over, and you do not have anymore time to waste on your road to recovery.

Tip #2 -RECLAIM YOUR SPACE I want you to go around your bedroom specifically and get rid of anything that reminds you of them (photos, cards, gifts, his top NETFLIX pics online, etc.)

If you're not ready to throw them out just yet, put them in a box, label it something that reminds you why it's over and toss it in the basement.

Tip #3 - MAKE YOUR TOP 10 LIST Take some time and make yourself a top 10 list of why the relationship didn't work out.  When something ends, we tend to "romanticize" it and convince ourselves that it was better than it was.

Once you've made this list, post it. Maybe it's your new lock screen, or it's on a note by your bed, as long as you can see it often each day to remind you that things are over, you'll be less tempted to stay in contact (see Tip #1).

Leave a comment below if any of these tips has worked for you, or share with us what has worked for you. If you’re going through it right now, let’s have a 20-minute chat and figure out the next best steps for you on your recovery journey.

All my love friends,



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